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Tips for Trade Show Success

Anyone who has exhibited at one or more trade shows inevitably has a horror story to share: missing graphics, lost shipments, brochures lost in the mail, booths breaking during setup, etc. While these are indeed terrible incidents, the real horror s... [DETAILED]

Bringing VR to business events

With the shipment of Oculus Rift starting on March 28, a new era is dawning. For many insiders, Virtual Reality is considered the next big thing, the next quantum leap in technology, something that will completely revolutionize the way we experience ... [DETAILED]

New developments on Bauma 2016 in all sections

For many building professionals it’s quite a challenge to keep track of all the tools, equipment and supplies: Who is using what, and where? Which items are due for a safety check or routine maintenance? And: What commodities or consumables need to ... [DETAILED]

Herman Miller ‘Aeron’ chair

‘Aeron’ chair : designed by Don Chadwick, and Bill Stumpf •High-performance, long-term seating in three sizes with a full complement of adjustments and innovative suspension •The two designers began this development process with... [DETAILED]

COS and Hay update curated homeware collection for Spring 20

Fashion brand COS and furniture company Hay have added new home items to their collaborative range of products in time for spring . COS heads of design Karin Gustafsson and Martin Andersson have again picked the items from Hay's range to be sold in ... [DETAILED]

'Millions' of Volkswagen cars can be unlocked via hack

A sizeable proportion of 100 million Volkswagen Group cars sold since 1995 can be unlocked remotely by hackers, a team of researchers has said. The problem affects a range of vehicles manufactured between 1995 and 2016 - including VWs and models fro... [DETAILED]

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